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Character Sheet

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 10, 2011, 11:16 AM
1. No oversexual themes. Small kisses, holding hands, hugging, and small stuff such as that is alright but if it's disturbing people in the room you will be asked to stop right away.

2. No powergaming without an agreement with everyone who's participating in the roleplay. Powergaming is a more subtle form of Godmodding, though both are unacceptable. If you don't know what either of those terms mean, please read the explanation I provide, as it's important to know about for this room.

A simple definition of powergaming is having an unfair advantage over a player. This includes dodging every single attack,
controlling another player's character without getting permission, things like that.

Here is an example of powergaming:
"Charmeleon hit turtwig with a ball of fire causing him to faint."
The player did not give the opponent a chance to react and even made him faint, which is not acceptable.

Here is an acceptable way to write it:
"Charmeleon gathered a ball of fire and threw it at Turtwig."
Roleplaying is about creative writing, writing stories with other players. It's not about winning all the time.

Powergaming isn't only about indirectly turning things in your favor by controlling other people's characters, but also by having an unbalanced character. An unbalanced character is one that is too powerful or has an ability that gives it an unfair advantage. If you don't give your character weaknesses, it won't be a fair match.

3. Don't join an ongoing rp without asking. I have seen people stomp all over scenes this way. This is a rule to pay attention to here because if you don't ask, you may be disturbing the members.

4. Use brackets when out of character. This isn't a very important rule but it helps to avoid confusion.

5. Be polite. This one is more of a common sense rule. Please don't curse every other word you're saying, post inappropriate images, write in all caps, etc. No one likes rude people. If you are being such a nuisance that the members are being affected and you can't get your attitude under control we'll warn you then kick you. If it continues to happen it will result in a ban.

6. Leave your drama at the door. While sometimes drama can be amusing, this isn't the place to have your personal soap operas. Most of the time it's disturbing to the members here. If you start to have an episode, either stop when told to or take it someplace else. We want this to be an enjoyable, calm, environment and it's unfair to the other members if they have to watch chaos go down.

7. Alert us if something or someone in the room is bothering you. Please direct someone to help you from the "Elite_Four" group so we can take care of it. If you feel it's private then please note one of us instead. We'll do everything in our power to help the problem.

Character Sheet Guidelines

A "character sheet" is a log of information about a character you wish to use. It includes things like their name, age, what they do in life, what they are like as a person, etc. In a sense, it is like a miniature biography of your character.

Good character writing is an important part of role playing, and we try to keep a reasonable standard with the characters being submitted to the group. Although it isn't the be all or end all, it tells us a lot about your role-playing style, and shows us that you are willing to put the effort into giving in depth and meaningful characters.

Don't let that intimidate you, though. You may RP without having posted a character sheet. It is strongly encouraged that you submit, however.

Filling out a character sheet is easy, simply copy and paste the fields below and enter the specifications of your character. Once your character sheet is complete, post it as a comment to this journal and either goddessmoonsoul or another member of the Vigilance will review your character.

If your character is denied, don't sweat it. Feel free to make adjustments and resubmit, as often the changes required will be provided with the reviewer's comments. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask before submitting.

The fields are as follows:-

History & Bio:
Powers & Abilities:

Name is simply the name give to your character (and any nicknames they may have too, if you feel like supplying them). If your character doesn't have a name, make sure you specify that. If your character has forgotten their name, please still provide one for the sheet, as amnesia is a history detail. Offensive or inappropriate names can be denied.

Age is how old your character is. This is generally provided in (human) years, although you may go into specifics if you want (Months, Birthday etc).

Gender is obviously the character's sex. Male, Female or Genderless. In the case of the last, it is nice to also provide which one they are most like, for personality/perception purposes.

Species is what race your character is. Human or Pokemon. This also determines what class you are placed as in the chatroom. If your character is a Pokemon, specify which Pokemon it is. Fakemon are allowed, but you will need to provide a lot of information about their habits, attacks, typing, etc. It is generally discouraged for beginner RPers to use Fakemon as well, as balance and description is vital when playing them.

Personality is how your character acts. Are they happy and joyful? Or are they stubborn and aggressive? Personality should be fairly detailed, addressing how they act with small and large groups, theirs attitudes towards different kinds of characters, and how they regard themselves. Any specific personality quirks (like a Zangoose's uncontrollable rage towards Seviper) must be detailed clearly. Two lines is the minimum, but don't be afraid to go longer.

History & Bio is the meat of your character. In this section you need to specify past events that happened in their life, what sorts of activities they are up to presently, and their goals for the future. Any likes/dislikes, gimmicks or quirks which didn't go into personality also go in this section. The aim of the history and bio is to give your character depth and to make them unique. Keep the story realistic, appropriate (where possible) and interesting. Detail is important, don't just say "Bob was abandoned by his parents". Why was he abandoned? Does Bob know why himself? If so, does he hold resentment towards his parents? Does still look for them? Elaborate so as to avoid confusion later. Three lines at bare minimum, if not four and up.

Appearance is what your character looks like. In the case of humans, specify the usual things like skin tone, hair color, eye color, height/weight/build, usual clothes. In the case of Pokemon you can either say they look just like any other one of the species, or you can specify a few distinguishing features. Descriptions may either be done in written text, as a link to a picture, or both.

Powers & Abilities is highly dependent on your character. If your character is human, include a miniature character sheet for each of the Pokemon they possess. This miniature sheet only needs name/gender/species/personality/battle-style, a line or two for each Pokemon. If your team is overpowered (all high-level high-stat pokemon, particularly well balanced) be warned that we could deny you on that basis, so keep it fair for the sake of other characters. If your character is a Pokemon then include their battle style, the kinds attacks they often use, any particular skills or attacks they have been trained in, and any exceptional special abilities they may have. Again, keep it balanced.

Other things of note:

- This is Pokemon role-play room. It should go without saying that you can't submit Digimon, Yu-gi-oh Monsters, or anything else along those lines.

- On a similar note, trainers are restricted to human classes only. Pokemon are not allowed to catch other Pokemon.

- Drawbacks are an important part of character balancing. For every particularly exceptional skill the character has (e.g. They are excellent at sports) they should have a drawback which balances them out (e.g. Struggle to use a computer). This helps keep consistent and fair play in the room, as well as discourage powergaming. Even smaller things like a fear of heights help make your character all the more realistic, as nobody is perfect.

- Make sure that you stick to your sheet in RP. If you say that someone is deathly scared of snakes, I don't want to see them punching out a Seviper without a second thought. Keeping your characters dynamic and interesting is important, don't just treat the character sheet as a passport into the chatroom.

- Pokemon are not restricted to a set number of moves normally, so no exact move-sets need to be specified. Do remember though that any exceptionally odd attacks they have learnt need to be detailed in the Powers & Abilities or History.

- If you have any questions at all or need help building a character, don't be afraid to ask someone. Everyone in the chat is (usually) ready and willing to help.

Concerning Legendaries
Legendaries are allowed as characters, however to keep the RP balanced a number of things must be kept in mind. We can't keep track of which legendaries are unique or ones who've been shown to have more than one of its kind. This is because of confusing (sometimes conflicting) sources and the debate over which are true. You must either explain why your legendary character exists in detail or show canon sources. It would also help if you explained why you felt that source was one that made sense. You may not be the original legendary (for example, THE Giratina) under any circumstance.

If you do use a legendary, be mindful of the fact they are much more powerful than other characters. To balance the character out, make sure you use draw-backs to level out any exceptional attack strength, or even an explanation to disregard their old strength altogether. But mostly, use common sense. If you were RPing against your character, would you find their powers extremely unfair? Legendary-specific powers which are ridiculous enough to literally break the RP (Dialga's time abilities, Palkia's space abilities) are not allowed. Similarly, legendary-specific attacks are not allowed on any Pokemon other than the legendary itself.

These characters are not suggested for newer role-players as they are hard to keep from powergaming.

This is an example of what a completed character sheet looks like: [link]

Keep in mind things don't need to be this detailed. This is just a good example of providing enough details to avoid confusion. Just shoot for at least 3 lines in history and 2 lines in personality. That should be long enough to cover the basics of your character - but don't be afraid to add more!

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